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IWC Portuguese IW500107
The most hot IWC watches is IWC Portuguese 7 Days and Chronograph and the biggest difference between them is the 7-Day use 7 days power reserve movement and Chronograph uses improved-ETA movements which guarantees 44 hours power reserve. Now today, we are going to make brief reviews on the class 7 Day-IW500107

Brief review on IW 500107 appearance
The large IW 500107 movement decides IWC Portuguese dial which is large too. Concise design make it easy to read time. Classic and elegant small second, seven days power reserve and, advanced functions, sapphire mirror and sapphire case-button, all of them make perfect IWC Portuguese watches.

Indexes on the dial are processed with rilievo techniques, making it look energetic and gives you a strong visual impact. On the three o’clock lies a red power reserve indicator which reminds you to wind it up when there only one-day power left.

On the six o’clock, there marks the place of production and a Date display. A small second dial on the nine o’clock could make you know more specific about time. Through sapphire case back, IWC 50000 movements can be seen and the mark of seven days power reserve and the Breguet hairspring are also visible.

What comes with 7 days power reserve is that you do not worry about the power, it also has a heavy case. IWC 500107 has a thickness of 13.9 mm three time thicker than Jaeger-LeCoultre Q3738420. If you take a close look at the case back, words that were branded on the bracelet are clearly seen. On the crown you can a clear IWC logo carved in here and from this angle you can see its thickness, since the diameter of the crown is less than the height of it.

Finally, let’s closely look at the movements-Cal.51011. rhodium-plated movements with fish scale-shape on it, 42 rubies and calibrating from 5 directions, all of those fine qualities attract men’s heart.

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