Replica Rolex VS Omega

I have my own standard when purchasing a watch: simple, real and classic. I do not want a complication watch because I believe in my creed: simple is the best and simple lasts forever. Among various watches in the last Basel Watch Fair, I was deeply impressed by two: One is the Rolex Day-Date and another one is Omega Constellation. Both have a similar size and both are their own pride. Anyway, they seems to be the same which is perfect for those business person. But a minor difference is, I think , that Rolex is more modern and young while Omega becomes mature. Well, both match suit and which one is better? Now let’s have a close look at it.

First impression: Low-profile Rolex and high-profile Omega

Day-Date and Constellation are classic and both match suits. When they are fitted with different color and design, they are completely different. At my first impression, it gives me a totally different feeling. Rolex’ s chocolate dial and deep color presents us a deep and low-key feel, although many typical Rolex features can be well recognized immediately.

Constellation appears to be more delicate and luxury. The whole case incorporates many traditional elements and the white dial really catch other’s attention. What’s more, it belongs to Constellation series have Constellation features, it is easy to be recognized. Therefore, to those who love it, you should know it thoroughly. Here, we can say that Rolex appears to be low-key while Omega is more noble and arresting.

Material(deep VS Bright)

Nothing difference can be found from their appearance. Cases made of different material will decide their popularity. Rolex has the 18 ct Everrose and embedded platinum, so overall, it has a deep color.

Omega applied the Sedna gold to the Constellation and Sedna gold is made of gold, copper and palladium, so it looks brighter.

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